Entrepreneurs are spoiled for choice when it comes to the solutions to run their businesses online. Businesses realize scale when platforms talk to each other. Not to mention the sanity-saving convenience of integrated solutions that just work. Managing your business’ customer communication, accounting, website and sales could be a handful in theory. But with G Suite, Squarespace and Xero, it doesn’t have to be.A match made in the cloud

G Suite

G Suite has become an essential business software package used by millions of organizations. All around the world these organizations use it to communicate, plan and collaborate. By connecting your Gmail account to Xero, you can view your emails, and add an email to a new invoice. You can also quote, or bill, and download attachments to the contact record all in the one place! The ability to push files out of Xero into Google Sheets and Docs is also a massive timesaver for many businesses. As Cory Hewett from Gimme Vending explains, it has even helped them when fundraising.

“It’s critical to keep investors up-to-date quickly,” Cory explains. “We’ve been successful fundraising from investors because, using Google Docs, we’ve been able to provide confidential data and financial reports to them almost immediately and revoke access when necessary just as quickly.”


Squarespace enables users to build their website using beautiful, professional templates. Not only does it do this, but it also provides everything you need to power your online business, including marketing tools and more. With Squarespace and G Suite, you can create email addresses for your custom domain. Additionally you can get access to other features like Google Calendar and Google Drive.

For detailed accounting for your online store, Xero and Squarespace enable users to automatically export orders, refunds, donations and taxes to Xero. With a daily sales summary exported from Squarespace to your Xero account, you can easily keep track of your finances and how much sales tax you owe. Xero and Squarespace’s integration, have made things that can normally be a bit of a juggling act perfectly seamless.

With Xero’s ecosystem of connected apps, like G Suite and Squarespace, you can get up and running with professional tools and streamline your business online in no time.

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