R&D tax rebate

Govt eases R&D tax rebate bottlenecks

Government has introduced measures to make the application process for the research and development (R&D) tax incentive programme free of bottlenecks. Established in 2006, government’s R&D tax incentive programme offers tax breaks, through the South African Revenue Service, to private sector companies investing in R&D. However, since its introduction, the tax incentive process has been beset with

Accounting bookkeeping and payroll

Non-profit accounting: The basics

Running a non-profit organisation is different from managing a conventional business – and the accounts are handled differently too. So what do you need to know about non-profit accounting? Non-profits are businesses too Non-profit businesses are sometimes called not-for-profit entities, especially by accountants. Unlike a conventional business, a non-profit company’s main aim isn’t to make

startup accounting and payroll services

Essential steps for start-ups

By FlowCentric Technologies The FlowCentric Technologies team exhibited at the My Business Expo in February 2018. We met so many attendees; from people with established businesses interested in networking, to entrepreneurs looking for advice on how to turn their visions into reality. Here are some tips for the entrepreneurs interested in starting a business. Being an